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Chafer Fabrics
The chafer protects
  • The tire from damages during fitting or removal operations by rim and wheel assembly; also by the tools used during these operations.
  • The tire bead area from chafing effects and damages caused by rim.
  • The tire-carcass-plies from damage from rim friction.

Additionally, the chafer fabric should ensure that pressurised air inside the tubeless tires does not wick through it.

Mecords produces a variety of woven chafers, using Nylon (Polyamide) 6 or 6,6 material either with multifilament or monofilament yarns.

The multifilament chafer is produced as "wicking" or as "wick-proof" type chafer whereas monofilament Chafer is only a wick-proof type.

"Wicking" type chafers are used in tires which are inflated by use of inner tubes. "Wick-proof" type chafers are used in Tubeless tires which are inflated directly without inner tubes.

Our special Resorcinol Formaldehyde Latex (RFL) treating process ensures excellent adhesion with rubber. Our Unique RFL treatment ensures air-impermeability for wick-proof chafers.

Our fabric weight ranges from 85 gsm to 400 gsm and fabric width ranges from 100 to 160 cms.

Our chafer fabric comes with two types of selvedge- "Fringe Selvedge" or "Cut and Heat Sealed Selvedge".

Our wide range of chafer fabric meets the performance requirements of all kinds of tires ; be it passenger tires or light and heavy duty truck / bus tires or aircraft tire besides industrial and agricultural tires.

A Tire is reinforced with layers of textile and steel fabrics, besides coils of bead wires. A variety of textile fabrics are used in different parts of tire depending on functional requirements.